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41 Cleveland International Film Festival USA, April 2017

(Oscars Qualifying Festival).

· Best Live Action Short Film.

· Audience Award for Best Drama.


45 Huesca International Film Festival, Spain, June 2017

(Oscars Qualifying Festival).

· Audience Award.


47 USA Film Festival, Dallas, USA, April 2017.

· Honorable Mention.


23 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, USA, March 2017

· Audience Award.


17 FICIL Cine Lebu, Chile, Feb 2017.

· International Press Award (Given by LAFCA President).

· Special Mention of the Jury.


17 OutFest Lima, PERU, June 2017

· Audience Award.


5 Hermosillo International Film Festival, Mexico, Dec 2016

· Best Actress to Loles León.

· Best International Short Film.


10 Alexandria Film Festival, USA, Nov 2016

· Best Foreign Film.


4 Lionshead Film Festival, USA, July 2017

· Best Foreign Film.

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, Ireland.

· Best director.

- Best cinematography.

OUTshine, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, USA.

· Runner up Best Short Film.

· Audience Best Short Film Runner up.

Pride Pictures, Kalrushe, Germany.

6 Southampton International Film Festival, UK.

Cine Invisible, Bilbao, Spain.

9 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, USA.

Festival Protesta de Vic, Spain.

25 Festival de Cine de Bogotá, Colombia.

10 Beinjing International LGTB Film Festival, China.

13 Face to Face, Saint-Étienne LGTB Film Festival, France.

22 Virginia International Film Festival. USA.

22 Festival de Cine de Fuentes del Ebro

· National Spanish cinema Award 2017.

· National Performing Award to Loles León.

10 Figueira da Foz Film Festival

· Best Short Film.

5 Winchester Short Film Festival, UK, Nov 2016

· Special Mention of the Jury.

12 Free Spirit Film Festival, INDIA, Oct 2016

· Best Short Film & Best Editing.


1 Woodengate International Film Festival, Romania, Oct 2016

· Best Actress to Loles León.

· Nomination for Best Director.

10 Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo la Luna de Islantilla

· Audience Award.


8 San Jose International Short Film Festival, USA, Oct 2016

· Best Drama.

10 Festival de Islantilla, Spain, August 2017.

· Audience Award.

Iowa Independent Film Festival, USA, August 2017.

· Best Foreign Film.

Ponferrada Film Festival, Spain.

· Premio Retina.

1st Guadalcanal Film Festival, Spain.

· Audience Award.

Iris PRIZE - LGBT Film Festival Cardiff

· Shortlisted, represented Spain.


21 Kansas City International Film Festival, USA, March 2017.

24 San Diego Latino Film Festival, USA, March 2017.

19 MECAL Pro Barcelona, Spain, March 2017.

Stark County International Short Film Series, USA.

San Antonio Film Festival in Texas, USA:

Festival de Cine de Comedia de Tarazona y Moncayo, Spain.

IV Festival de Cine Pequeño, Spain.

Mykonos Biennale International Film Festival, Greece.

DC Shorts, USA.

Shorts México International Film Festival, México.

San Petesburg LGTB International Film Festival, Rusia.

A Spanish short film by Julián Quintanilla


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